Košice Architecture Icons

Explore Košice–a city where multi-genre architecture finds its home

Come to Košice, the lively metropolis of the East, where you will certainly not miss the variety of architectural styles that the streets of this city are proud of.

Impressive buildings in Košice reflect the city’s architectural and historical evolution, where functionalist structures harmoniously coexist with delicate art nouveau styles. Wander through the city’s largest Town Monument Reserve, and acquaint yourself with the architecture that tells the story of Košice across its multicultural centuries.

The distinctive architecture spanning over half a century is currently being celebrated with an exhibition titled ‘Czech and Slovak Architecture,’ taking place at Prague Castle in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of these independent countries.

We cordially invite you to explore the streets of Košice and experience the city’s multifaceted character firsthand.

Wondering what Košice has in store for you?

Stroll through the streets of the Eastern Slovak metropolis and admire the impressive buildings that mirror the city’s architectural and historical evolution.

Furthermore, you can now conveniently travel from Prague to Košice by plane up to five times a week with Ryanair.

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